Soumya Thomas Mathew

Day In My Life – January 8th 2021

Ahem ahem…well, I have a pretty good reason for my absence……….. I had exams! It got over on 29th and it’s 31st today. Good enough reason right? Ya. Well I am back again, and as you already know, I am here with the ”Day In My life” as I had said I would. I wanted… Continue Reading →

Inspired – January 2021

Hello all!! I am Soumi and I am back! I am so so sooo sorry that I have not been consistent on this blog. From now on I would be following a schedule for each month which I will plan ahead – by the end of the previous month. I will also probably share the… Continue Reading →


AHHH!! Just 6 more days for 2021!! This is crazy! Wooo! I am sooo looking forward to the next year! Even though the virus problem hasn’t left us, we can still look forward to a better year right? Better than this year? 2020? Yep! For me 2020 had been the year where I grew the… Continue Reading →

Why to Start Journaling in 2021

This year had certainly been a turmoil for so many of us. The only way I could sustain this phase, was by making journaling a habit. Whenever something happens, which makes me sad mentally, all I do is breathe in and out twice, and then grab my journal. I started journaling in June 2020. Journaling… Continue Reading →

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